Funny. This follows an interesting trend that Superman is some kind of a jerk or something. It’s kind of another blow in the Batman is cool, and Superman is more powerful, but somehow we have to bring him down and make him darker kind of video.

I think DC, with the no jokes in the movies, and the no getting married, mandates in the comic books is leaning too heavily on the success of Batman because he’s this brooding guy, and his films are hits. I’m sorry, it’s not going to work that way.

Hate to push you on this DC, but Marvel just released Guardians of the Galaxy, hugely funny and hugely successful, and also has plenty of serious edges and facets to it. Ant Man’s coming… and who can think of Avengers without remembering that Hulk (or Bruce Banner, right?) kept stealing scenes with dark but really funny moments.

Don’t lock down emotionally. I love DC comics and characters. All this no this and no that, is making me crazy. Do something that will really drive everyone crazy, including yourselves… Instead of flipping out over gay marriage, or ‘too many jokes….’ Whatever that means… instead announce you’re doing an Ambush Bug movie that has a ton of all of the above in it. Drag in Batfleck, and some other current DC stars as guest stars and make a total lampoon fun time of yourselves, get over yourselves, and then commit to making great movies, instead of telling us everything that they will not be right?

Put the cast and crew of Airplane in charge of it, throw in Chevy Chase or Steve Martin as your guru guide character, insist it’s a totally serious movie, and then leak half the script so it goes viral, and can see how funny the thing is going to be.


Fun site. I use it to get the audio of stuff from YouTube that I want to listen to later.

There is a plush salmon on my desk… Guarding the floss picks I suppose

There is a plush salmon on my desk… Guarding the floss picks I suppose